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Haziran, 2022 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor

Cyanide spill in Turkey highlights environmental toll of mining

Large quantities of cyanide solution have spilled into the Karasu River in Turkey after a pipe carrying cyanide exploded in a gold mine. But experts say the mine has always caused heavy environmental damage. When a pipe carrying a cyanide solution burst at  a gold mine  in Turkey's eastern Erzincan province earlier this month, it failed to attract widespread media attention. Yet, with 20 cubic meters (706 cubic feet) of toxic solution spilling into the Karasu River, it is a major environmental disaster. The 450-kilometer-long (280-mile-long) Karasu is one of the two sources of the Euphrates, the longest river in western Asia. The incident occurred at the Copler Gold Mine, which uses  cyanide  in its extraction process. Located in the Ilic district of the province, the mine has long been criticized by environmental organizations and opposition political parties for  polluting the environment  and killing local wildlife. Company confirmation Mine operator Anagold Madencilik has since